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Torisakigawa Bridge

Photograph source:「Concrete Bridges in Hokkaido Vol 6 2004~2009」(Concrete Research Commirree, Association for Civil Engineering Tecnology of Hokkaido)

Structure name Torizakigawa Bridge
Structure type PC 11-span continuous box girder bridge with corrugated steel plate webs
Structural factors Length of bridge 554.0m
Span length 51.8+4@54.5+56.0+3@50.0+40.0+35.8m
Client East Nippon Expressway Company Limited.
Designer Japan Bridge & structure Institute,Inc.
Contractor Joint-venture group Taisei Co.・Tekken Co.

Mori town.

Completion date 2006.

This bridge was constructed using a unique method. The features of this method include using a light structure composed of corrugated steel web, a steel upper chord member and super high-strength fiber-reinforced concrete lower chord member in the main girder, on which upper and lower slabs were placed after extrusion, thus forming the completed main girder. To implement this unique construction method, model experiments and analysis were carried out, and the design and construction were considered in detail.

This bridge was awarded the 2006 Japan Society of Civil Engineering Hokkaido Branch Technology Award, and the 2008 Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute Award (technology development category).


Reference:「Concrete Bridges in Hokkaido Vol 6 2004~2009」(Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido Concrete Research Committee)