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Moheji Elevated Bridge

Photograph source:Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido Concrete Research Committee

Structure name Moheji Elevated Bridge
Structure type ①PC 3-span continuous rigid frame box girder bridge
②PC 11-span continuous rigid frame box girder bridge
Structural factors Length of bridge 739.0m
Span length ①52.0+96.0+53.8m   ②44.5+5@48.5+2@51.5+2@48.5+43.2m
Client Hakodate Development and Consutruction Dept.,Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
Designer Docon Co.,Ltd.
Contractor Joint-venture group Taisei Co・P.S. Mitsubishi Co・Nippon High strength Concrete Co.,Ltd

Hokuto city

Route name Arterial high-standard highway HAKODATE-ESASHI EXPWY
Completion date 2006

This bridge is a long, elevated bridge (length 739.0m, height 30m) that crosses the Moheji River and the prefectural highway of Kamiisho-assabu line. This bridge features construction that used a span-by-span method with precast segments, the first time such a method has been applied in Hokkaido. The integrated rigid frame structure exceeds 500m in length, and the pier cross sections may be affected by creep, dry contraction, prestress and temperature changes. To reduce this influence, various new methods were adopted in the design and construction.

Although this bridge is located in the southern part of Hokkaido, the temperatures during construction still dropped below zero. To realize high quality and accurate segment production, a short-line match casting method was utilized, along with compact, high-efficiency curing equipment.

Reference:「Concrete Bridges in Hokkaido Vol 6」(Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido Concrete Research Committee)