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Ryoujin Bridge

Photograph source:DPS Bridge Works Co.,Ltd

Structure name Ryoujin Bridge
Structure type ①PC 5-span continuous box girder bridge
②PC 1-span T-girder bridge
Structural factors Length of bridge 260.2m
Span length ①5@35.0m、②24.18m×2、18.6m×2
Client Asahikawa Development and Consutruction Dept.,Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
Contractor DPS Bridge Works Co.,Ltd

Asahikawa city

Route name Etambestu line,General Prefectural Road
Completion date 1960

This bridge was the first long span PC girder bridge constructed by the BBRV method in Japan, and it played a pioneering role as a connected continuous girder bridge. The concrete was poured on scaffolding.

Reference:「Concrete Bridges in Hokkaido Vol2」(Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido Concrete Research Committee)