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Hoshigaura-Kaigandori Bridge

Photograph source:HOKKAIDO JR CONSULTANTS Co.,Ltd.

Structure name Hoshigaura-Kaigandori Bridge
Structure type PC Langer bridge with through girder
Structural factors Length of bridge 66.45m
Span length 65.00m
Client Hokkaido Railway Co.,LTD.
Designer Japan transportaition Consultants,Inc.
Contractor Joint-venture group Tekken Co.・Tsubono construction Co.,LTD.

Kushiro City

Route name between Shin-Otanoshike and Shin-fuji,Neuro line,JR Hokkaido
Completion date 2008.

 The bridge is a composite structure consisting of prestressed concrete in the stiffener, reinforced concrete in the archrib, and steel in the vertical material, and it has one of the longest spans for a prestressed concrete Langer bridge for trains in Japan. It was the first fixed structure in Japan with such connections between the archrib, the stiffeners, and the vertical material, so FEM analysis and loading tests were conducted to confirm safety, along with the Charpy value confirmation test for the bending of steel in cold climates. In addition, self-filling high strength and high durability concrete was adopted in the archrib due to the potential for salt damage from the environment. The rise ratio was set to 1/5.8 in consideration of economy, walkability, and landscape factors.

This bridge was awarded the 2007 Japan Society of Civil Engineering Hokkaido Branch Technology Award, the 2008 Japan Prestressed Concrete Institute Award (product category), and the 2009 Japan Concrete Institute Product Award.


Reference:「Concrete Bridges in Hokkaido Vol 6」(Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido Concrete Research Committee)「北海道のコンクリート橋 第6集」(北海道土木技術会コンクリート研究委員会)