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For the purpose of reducing environmental impact, the admixture of industrial by-products has been utilized as concrete material. As the major material, blast furnace slag and fly ash have been already normalized by the JIS A 6206 and JIS A 6201, respectively. It is known that these materials can enhance the workability of the concrete and the durability of the structures. Even in snowy cold region like Hokkaido, blast furnace slag cement has been used for bridges, retaining walls, concrete blocks and so on. Fly ash has been largely employed for dam concrete.

However, the current situation is not reached until the aggressive and positive utilization. Given the social significance, there is a need to improve this situation to establish low-carbon society. Recently, we begin to solve this problem by explaining the mechanisms and technical solutions involved for the advantage of the utilization.

In this research committee, we have carried out activities for the purpose of studying the cold region technology to contribute to the effective and positive use for the industrial by-products.

Subcommittee chairman  SUGIYAMA Takahumi 【Affiliation:Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University】