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Association for Civil Engineering Technology of Hokkaido has been contributing to the development of Hokkaido’s civil engineering by industry, government and academia in cooperation since the establishment in 1954. Concrete Research Committee is one of the seven research committees currently in the Association and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014. We have conducted surveys and studies on concrete and concrete structures in Hokkaido. Besides, meetings, lectures, training and outreach activities have been made for engineers, students and society.

Concrete Research Committee covers a wide range of fields from concrete materials and structural design to new materials and construction methods, durability, maintenance management, disaster prevention and environmental aspects. We also provide engineer education, technical support and international exchange support. The books that have been published so far include “Hokkaido concrete bridges” with 1st issue of 1954 to 1973 to the latest 6th issue of 2004 to 2009, “Technical guideline for performance preservation of structures” (December 2013) and “The history of concrete dams in Hokkaido” (July 2007). In addition, reports of various research subcommittees that operate for a certain theme for 2 to 4 years are also published in PDF.

Concrete Research Committee as been steadily delivering the outcomes from basic to applied and implementation. We will respond quickly to changes in the environment surrounding the construction industry while pursuing true technologies consistent with the characteristics of Hokkaido and will continue to develop our activities. We thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

October 2018

8th Chair, Concrete Research Committee